SSCC Hall of Champions

Spencer St. Chess Club Hall of Champions

This page will list the winners of our quick events, quarterly Swiss Tournaments, Club Championship Events and more! This will be a great place to honor the developing traditions and history of Spencer St. Chess Club.  We host three major championship events: our club championship (G/60;d5), our Rapid Marathon Championship (G/25;d3),  our blitz championship (G/5). These events will crown three yearly club champions in the three major time controls that our club meetings will allow. The winners of those events will be italicized. 


 Spencer St. Club Champions

These will be held once a year and will be structured like our month-long events, except that they will be five rounds instead of the normal four.  Winners of this event must attend the chess club at least half the meetings to be considered club champion. 

Month-Long Swiss Tournaments

These events are the backbone of our rated play at Spencer Street. Here lists the winners of all these events. These are usually played at G/60 time controls and are four rounds long. 

2017 Fall Swiss Winner - Michael Brooks 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Winter Swiss Winner - Michael Brooks 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 SSCC Spring Tune-Up Winner - Ian McFarland & Michael Brooks 2.5/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Summer Swiss Winner - Michael Brooks 3.5/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Fall Swiss Winner - Bob Savage 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Spring Swiss Winner - Michael Brooks 2.5/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Club Champion - Hunter Reed 3/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 U1400 Champion - Justin Davito & Ian McFarland 3/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE

Annual Club Blitz Champions

A list of winners from our yearly blitz championship events.

2018 Club Blitz Champion - Dr. Tony Palmer 7/7 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Halloween Blitz Winner - Owen Shriver 6/6 - (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 Club Blitz Champion - Kevin Czuhai (CROSSTABLE COMING)



Rapid Event Winners

A list of winners from our rapid chess events held at the chess club.

2018 February Rapid Winner - Isaac Zylstra 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 March Rapid Winner - Hunter Reed 2.5/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 Quad Knight #1 Winner - Owen Shriver 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2018 December Rapid Marathon Champion - Hunter Reed 5/6 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 February Rapid Winner - Michael Brooks 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 May Rapid Winner - Kevin Czuhai 4/4 (CROSSTABLE HERE)
2019 August Rapid Winner - Ratko Bojanovic 3/3 (CROSSTABLE HERE)